What You Should Know About Dreams

Dream is a common frequency use by God and other spiritual powers to communicate with humans. Most dreams signifies what to happens in reality (live). While some dreams occurs in a proverbial form.
Dream can also be a tip of an iceberg of what happens in the spiritual realm. Overall, dream is a sign of warning, cautiousness and awareness.
Why you forget your dream:
Forgetting ones dream is a sign of spiritual weakness, any man who forget his dream easily is prone to spiritual attack, and this is very dangerous.
On the other hand, when you forget your dreams, it’s a trick from the attackers to make you ignorant of what is going on in the spiritual realm. The unseen world controls what we see, nothing happens in the physical that has not been finalized in the spiritual realm.
There are cases where some people’s souls will be summon to an evil gatherings (meetings), while their souls are being dealt with. While some evil doers will use a man soul to commit havoc’s in the middle of the night, and when he wake up from his sleep he’s not even aware of what has happened, that he has been used already. The devil steals your consciousness so you would not be aware of what happened in the dream.
Here’s a short story of a friend;
A friend of mine usually had immorality pleasures with a strange lady in his dreams, sometimes the lady would shown up as a familiar person, other times as an unknown. My friend thought he was having fun, till he realized that any relationship he found himself doesn’t last up to 2 months.
He also noticed that any time he’s going for a job interviews or any important outing that might favour him, a night before that day, this lady would appeared in a dream and had pleasure with him, while doing this, his appointments always become fruitless.
Glory to God for a deliverance he went through. Afterwards, this lady appeared again, this time in her true nature (an elderly woman within his relative). Mama wanted to do again, but my friend refused outrightly.
Let’s assume he was just enjoying the pleasure in his spirit or soul without remembering his dreams, what do you think would have happened to him by now?
Here are tips to help in this kind of situation;
Once you wake up, ponder over your dream and memorize it before doing anything else, then pray to protect it if it’s a good one or reject it if it’s a bad omen.
Forgetting ones dream is very dangerous, our dreams are like prophecies we shouldn’t neglect it….