Ladies: Here are reasons why you are experiencing dryness during sex

Sometimes it is okay to experience vaginal dryness, but when it becomes consistent, then there may be a reason for that.

If you are constantly experiencing dry vagina especially during sex, the following can be the cause.

Not involved in enough games

It’s hard to get wet when you don’t do enough games.

Women or women need a good kiss and caress so you can enjoy your mood and your juices flow.

You do not want to have sex

Sometimes, it is not always our body and brain that actually tell us how we feel even though we may be trying to convince ourselves otherwise. Yes, you may feel the guy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to jump around.

If you know in depth that you really did not, do it politely. Do not have sex after sex, do it because you want it completely and not because you do not want to disappoint your partner.

Your hygiene habits sabotage you

Sometimes your hygiene activity can be a reason for your constant dryness. For example, if you are guilty of washing soap there, or worse by using “feminine cleanser.”

Your vagina cleanses itself and is definitely odorless. Make sure you wash there with clean water, preferably warm, every morning and night and you will definitely be happy to go.

Low estrogen levels

When estrogen levels are low in the body, this can cause and be caused by a variety of reasons. It can be caused by too much stress, among other things taking certain medications.

Take the time to break free from stress, eating the life of your head as long as you can. Do not let anyone make you tired or depressed. Also, ask your doctor about the side effects of the medication before you start using it.