Hello honey, my love💕 life is missing you but you are running. You’re are running and I’m calling. My love💞 is chasing you but you are running. My heart is calling , and my love❤️ is calling for real. Is just for you to see what your love❤️ is doing to me. Your love❣️ got me so mesmerized.💋💋

I’m like a cold🔥 fire and you’re a fire. There is fire in my heart♥️ and you are the fire 🔥in my heart. And you keep burning in my heart ❤️and soul and keep me moving.
I feel like I’m flying without wings and running and my legs doesn’t seem to touch the ground.😌😌😘

True Love ❣️

I’m so precious and sweet.💋💋
Because I give true love♥️ and true love♥️ is what I get from others. All that come to me
Is true love♥️and all that I give out is true love❤️..

I’m real and everything about me is real.💋💋
My love irs real and all my intentions are real 💯.
Tho everything is real ❣️but yet I’m not perfect.💋💋


Can I be your mirror so you can look at me all the time and see yourself through me because you are the one living in me and I can’t feel myself anymore .

❤️My heart is singing for you.
My heart❤️ is listening and you are calling.