How is feel about you..

I just wish you can cut my♥️ heart open with a knife to see how much I 😍love you and how much my heart beats for you and how much my heart skip each time I hear your voice. I check on my phone everyday every minute to see if you called or you message to see if I have a message from you. You have really drive🥺 me so furious and crazy that I can’t take no more all I think about is you all that comes to my mind is your name all I see when I close my eyes your I see your face. whichever we goes I want to be down there with you and want to be up there with you. No matter how far the journey is to matter how far the distances I’m ready to go all the way just for you a million miles just to be with you hundred miles just to be with you and thousands of tons of miles just to be with you. The queen of my heart